What I want for Christmas

Dear Santa

Could you let me have the following pressies for Christmas please?

1. Identity management from device to device – I’d like to be able to walk up to ANY device I use and be able to login and have the same set-up and everything else as my main machine, wherever appropriate. There will be a range of devices I might use, so the set up needs to be smart not to try and replicate my entire desktop on my smartphone for example. And I’m not part of a large corporate with a Windows domain set-up so roaming profiles aren’t there to do it so help me out here. The technologies are there now so let me have it now please!!!!

2. I want my documents in the cloud – but still feel like they’re on my local machine – easier said than done. Yes Microsoft you’re really getting there with Skydrive but you know what, it’s not quite the finished article. My office applications hang while documents are being uploaded/downloaded….and I know I should be on an Gigabit ethernet at home but my ISP just hasn’t got round to putting fibre to my house…yet. O and while you’re at it do you think you could Apple-ize it so my mum and dad can use it too without calling me up?

3. A slightly more polished Office 2010 – I love Office 2010. Microsoft you really made some great improvements on what was already a good product. But why o why does Outlook and the other office apps still hang every now and then?! It mostly recovers, but sometimes I have to kill the app and start again….Surely after all these years of Office and with Windows 7 its not too much to ask that it doesn’t hang? Don’t force me over the dark side i.e a Mac machine šŸ™‚ The Apple Fanboys are circling and trying to tempt me………

4. Stop people talking about the Cloud just because its the latest fad – Santa why do all the providers who really do hosting now call it the Cloud? Why is every hosted app now in the Cloud? Why has the entire industry moved to talking about anything not being local to the machine being in the Cloud? Did I miss something while I was sleeping? Was there a mass migration to the Cloud that I wasn’t around for??! It wasn’t the cloud before so why has it become the cloud now? Maybe because………

Take 1:
Small business “We have a fantastic hosting business that we’d like you to invest in…..”
Investor “O really? Isn’t hosting so yesterday? …Let me see your biz plan…..I think you’re valued at 5 pence…”

Take 2:
Small business “We’re a fantastic provider of Cloud services”
Investor “O really! GREAT. I think you’re valued at Ā£50m….If its got cloud in the title then I don’t need to see your biz plan….. Let’s get it on…..!!”

O and if hear another evangelist tell that the Cloud is going to cure famine and prevent the spread of Aids please give me the strength not to punch them :-).

5. Stop people fawning over companies – Yes Apple is cool, yes Google is great and yes I love Facebook too……..but let’s get real…..At the end of the day they’re companies that provide goods and services like anyone else does. Just because they do it well and they’re big doesn’t mean people have to talk about them with more affection than their wife/child/mother/sibling. We don’t have to worship them! I’m just waiting for that cult to spring forth…………don’t say I didn’t warn you…..actually the cults might already be here šŸ™‚

6. Let me have the apps I paid for forever more – I buy an app and so I assume its mine. Please o please let me take across to any device or any service provider I choose. Why is there so much in-operability in this world?

7. Can I have instantly on for my devices – 20 minutes of boot up time just doesn’t cut it any more. When I hit on I want instant on…..I want it now! I know if I wait a few more years it’ll come for all devices but can’t I have it now please? I know the iPad’s fast but I’m just not ready to move to a dumber device just yet. I can only have so many cups of tea in the day waiting for the machine to boot up:-)

8. Stop advertisers brainwashing my kids about the latest gizmo – Do you know how hard it is to say “no” to a six year old?! And if I say “no” I don’t want to feel like a criminally negligent parent! The life expectancy of my 6 year olds toys seems to be diminishing daily. Now I’m not from the era where kids only had a hoop and a stick to play with, but things seemed to hold my attention a lot longer than they do with kids nowadays.

9. Stop useless updates on….. – Look I’m not interested that someone has woken up, yawned and scratched their left ear. Putting it on Twitter or Facebook doesn’t make it any-more interesting. Why don’t I just stop following or unfriend these people? Well simple, because they are the same people who also produce good quality stuff!……..These tools are great, but boy are they bad in the wrong hands………Some things are best left unsaid.

10. A semantic web – It’s getting to be the wild west out there with regards to data! We need to turn that data into information to make it useful. Please bring some structure and meaning to the web to make it more accessible. IĀ  don’t mind if it’s RDF (or RDFa), OWL, RIF or some other variant, but its high time we did something.

11. No closed internet – I don’t care how popular Facebook is. Sorry you can’t close off the web. You may not want Google indexing your data but you know what…..Its search that empowered the users of the internet and Google made one of the biggest contributions to that so don’t close the door to them and others. Remember its your customers’ data not yours.

Okay I’m not done yet…..but just so you can start here’s my list….

Yours sincerely,


3 thoughts on “What I want for Christmas

  1. Paul Golding

    Sounds like you need a Mac šŸ˜‰ (but without the fawning obviously)

    Item 1 seems interesting… might be some mileage in that one.

    I have a different list. I will publish soon šŸ™‚


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