Smart TVs ain’t that smart….

I’ve personally felt for a while that the TV apps were unlikely to get mass adoption for a number of reasons:

1. The UX/UI is appalling – There are not many experiences I can say are worse than Samsung’s attempt at apps

2. The remote control is too restrictive and clumsy to navigate a complex app that needs a keyboard

3. Tablets, PCs and mobile devices allow you to do many of things you need and more than a 1/3 of viewers have one of these devices beside them when watching TV.

4. Failure to develop compelling apps – because of the reasons above. Also unclear what you’d want to do on the TV rather than your pc

5. Shared experience – when you have 2 or more people family members sitting in front of the TV they hardly want you playing with an app.

6. Strong props and platforms from the likes of Sky – Do I use the BBC iPlayer on my TV or my sky box? Well my sky box lets me record the iplayer programmes and I don’t need to leave the Sky ecosystem…… over.


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