BRITISH GAS CONNECTED HOMESKassir Hussain has spent 18 years in the media and telecommunications industry with three of the mobile phone operators in the United Kingdom. He’s worked in the technology functions both in IT and Networks.

He currently works in the British Gas Connected Homes business unit that is responsible for creating connected homes products for consumers.

Prior to British Gas, Kassir was at BSkyB as Director of Technology Innovation where he was responsible for leading the software development teams working on Now TV, Sky’s new OTT IP Video service and working on the social platform.

Kassir helped to launch the first 3G UMTS network in the UK with 3 UK. Kassir’s most recent role was as Head of Futures and Innovation at Telefonica O2 UK, where his team put in place the new innovation process in the company. While at O2 Kassir also helped to launch a number of the new business ventures that O2 is engaged in.

Kassir is a keen follower of innovation and all things technology, particularly in the space of web and mobile technologies.

In his spare time Kassir enjoys,reading up on current affairs and photography. At odd moments he’s also playing around with different programming languages.

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  1. Leslie Oman

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    Re: “Big Company Bigger Challenges,” November 25, 2010.

    This is a very insightful article Kassir. I am writing my MBA thesis about challenges faced by large organizations attempting to launch start-ups, and would like to quote you in my paper. Please let me know if this would be ok and/or if you would like additional information on my paper. Thank you!



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